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The Holy Spirit: Review

This lesson is a review of four topics relating to the Holy Spirit: Spiritual Gifts, Does Everyone Get Spiritual Gifts?, The Anointing of the Holy Spirit & Being Filled With the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Gifts:

Spiritual Gifts vs. Talents

Spiritual Gifts are gifts and abilities that are given through by the Holy Spirit.  They are supernatural abilities and not talents that people have in the natural.   

*Talents are abilities that anyone can have.  Gifts come from the Holy Spirit.

  • Words of Wisdom
The ability to know the mind of the Holy Spirit and to receive insight into how given knowledge may best be applied to specific situation
  • Words of Knowledge
The ability to declare knowledge which could only be revealed supernaturally...usually in reference to another person.
  • Faith
The gift of faith is the unique ability to trust God against all circumstances
  • Healing
The ability to heal the human body
  • Working of Miracles
When the Holy Spirit chooses to "over-ride" the laws of nature, working in or through an available person
  • Prophecy
The ability to speak words directly from God or know things that will happen in the future.
  • Revelation
The ability to understand deeper meanings especially as pertaining to the Word of God allowing the person to bring out new insights, perspectives or life applications from scripture.
  • Discerning of Spirits
The gift that enables people to clearly recognize and distinguish between the influence of God, Satan, the world, and the flesh in a given situation
  • Speaking in Tongues
The ability for a person to communicate beyond their limits of knowledge and understanding either to God or to others
  • Interpretation of Tongues
The ability for someone to understand a person speaking in tongues even though they don't know the language in which the person is speaking
  • Apostleship
The ability to start new churches and ministries
  • Evangelism
The ability to clearly and effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to non-believers causing them to believe
  • Exhortation
The ability to strengthen and encourage people
  • Administration
The ability to organize, direct, and implement plans to lead others
  • Writing
The ability that communicate through writing that transcends your own writing ability
  • Serving
They have a heart devoted to Jesus in any way needed and don't desire recognition or being in the spotlight
  • Teaching
The ability to clearly and effectively communicate the truths of the Bible to others.  

Does Everyone Have Spiritual Gifts?

Why Gifts Are Given:
  • To edify the church
  • To edify God or achieve God’s plan
  • Not to amaze or confuse
  • Not to benefit the gifted person or for them to use it to impress others of themselves

Who Gets Spiritual Gifts?

Romans 12: 4-8

    • God gives the gifts to whom he please based on grace
    • It’s not something that you earn or deserve
    • Gifting is not a sign of spiritual maturity or closeness to God
  • If you have a gift what should you be doing with it?
    • using it for God and the church


  • Having gifts without having the fear of the Lord can be dangerous
  • We shouldn't delight in the gifts more than the giver 
  • You shouldn't focus on the gift.  Meaning that you shouldn't put faith or value in the gift instead of the giver of the gift.


  • Two of the major reasons that gifts are given are to edify the church and to praise God
  • The measure of how well you’re using your gift should be by well they serve these purposes not by how miraculous they are
  • Gifts are given to us to help us aid God in accomplishing His plan
  • Gifts are not given to amaze or to confuse
  • Gifts are not given to benefit the gifted person or for them to use it to impress others of themselves
  • We shouldn’t assume that giftings are a sign that the person is spiritually mature or close to God
  • God can grant anyone spiritual giftings for the moment He chooses to accomplish his purpose
  • If you have had a gift since birth your giftings will get stronger as you are walking in God’s will for your life
  • We need to make sure we don’t value the gift more than the giver of the

The Anointing of The Holy Spirit

In this study we looked at what it means to be anointed by the Holy Spirit, and how it's different from being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Anointing is done when you get a new role, assignment or duty.  It is a one time event.   In the Old Testament, priests, kings, judges and prophets were anointed prior to taking office.
Being filled by the Holy Spirit can happen whenever God wants or needs it to happen or it can be ushered in by us.  In the bible things that happened when people were filled with the Holy Spirit include: speaking in tongues, having boldness in evangelism, prophesying, or being filled with joy, thankfulness or submission, or giving musical praise.  This can happen many times within a Christian’s life.

The anointing was done upon the accepting of a new responsibility. When a Christian accepts a new responsibility, he should be anointed by the Holy Spirit for that task.

When a pastor is called to a new church or when a Christian is chosen to be a Sunday school teacher, a choir member, a choir director, a departmental superintendent or an usher, he should be anointed by the Holy Spirit.

Any new task to which a child of God is chosen and any new responsibility that God has given to him is so important that the Holy Spirit should anoint him upon the assumption of his new responsibility..

However, the doctrine of being filled should not be mistaken for the doctrine of the anointing.

Jesus’ Anointing   Isaiah 61:1-3

Being Filled With The Holy Spirit

Once you become a Christian, The Holy Spirit is indwelt in you for the rest of your life.  So being filled with the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean that the Spirit wasn’t in you and now it’s in you.  It’s similar the being “filled with anger” or “filled with fear”.  “Being Filled” with the Holy Spirit means that your mind, will, and or emotions are being influenced or controlled by the Holy Spirit.  

  • the fruits of the Spirit
    • love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

For Reflection :What would it look like if I walked in the fruits of the spirit in my daily life?

You have anger in you, you have fear in you, and you have the Holy Spirit in you.  Sometimes you're controlled by fear or anger.  Being filled with the Holy Spirit is when you are being controlled by The Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit influences your mind, will, and emotions for a period of time.

Why Does The Holy Spirit Fill Us?

What is the purpose of being filled by the Holy Spirit?
  • To edify the church
  • To convert non-believers
  • To praise and worship God
  • To pray the will of God

An exposure to the Holy Spirit:

  • identifies your destiny

  • gives you a hunger for God

  • gives you your giftings

  • gives you the mind of Christ

When filled with the Holy Spirit:
  • You may get spiritual gifts
  • You may prophesy (speak the words from God)
  • You may have visions and dreams
  • You may speak the word boldly
  • You may heal people
  • You may perform miracles
  • It may improve your worship
  • You can become full of joy
  • You can become full of power
  • You can become full of love

To create an environment to draw the Holy Spirit :
  • Faith
  • Worship ( Whatever you worship, you become less than, you become like, you empower)
  • prayer
  • Expectation
  • Righteousness
  • Desire to be Near God
  • You have a good reaction to His presence

For Reflection: Imagine what our lives would look like if we allowed the holy spirit to lead us in all areas of my life?

What might that look like?

Walking in The fruits of the spirit

Luke 10:21 at that time Jesus was full of joy through the holy spirit

~when Jesus was filled with the holy spirit he was full of joy ( even through hardship)
~when the apostles were filled by the holy spirit, they spoke in tongues

Acts 2:21
In the last days , God says, I will pour my spirit out on all people
Your sons and daughters will prophecy
Your young men will see visions
Your old men will dream dreams

*The presence of the holy spirit can look different in the lives of different people

*If we are not full of the spirit, we are full of ourselves.

*We could live for years in the Christian life, just going through the motions, being religious, but never being filled with the Holy Spirit. We want to strive to live in the spirit

*God left us the the holy spirit as a comforter, a helper. We need to ask the Holy Spirit for help.

Sometimes he gives us this help through gifts, like the word of knowledge
(John 14:26)

Much of people’s dissatisfaction has to do with lack of fellowship and intimacy with God through the holy spirit. (stale fruitless Christian life)

Pride keeps us from asking for help. We want to be independant and self sufficient. We were made with strengths and weaknesses so that we would need help.

There are so many things we struggle with that we don’t have to if we just ask the holy spirit for help. He will respond, but needs an invitation.

The Holy Spirit  is available to help and counsel. Sometimes we run to friends instead and get frustrated when we don’t get an answer.

Sometimes we question when we think God is talking to us through the holy spirit. Its not that we don’t trust God, we don’t trust ourselves that we are hearing God.

Listening and being led by God is similar to an infant learning to walk. You will stumble and fall, but you get up and keep going until you learn to walk and then run...

If you have troubles, ask God. You many not get a straight answer right away, but you may feel some wisdom and guidance at a moment when you need it.

2Cor 1:3-4

The Holy Spirit counsels and comforts so that we can counsel others
Trials are not just for us, but for us to tell and help others.
God did this, God helped me..but it’s just not  for me. (testify to prepare an environment of faith where the holy spirit can be free)

1 Peter 5:10
The Holy Spirit  strengthens us.

Ephesians 5:18-20
Do not get drunk on wine, instead be filled with the Spirit.

Want to feel happy, peaceful, have your issues not seem so big? Be filled with the Holy Spirit.

No one ever said...
“You are being filled way too much with the holy spirit...tone it down.”

Be encouraged to live a fruitful life by walking in the spirit and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide all areas of your life.

Presenter: Maria Dominguez

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