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Unchained Disciples is a bi-weekly group bible study dedicated to examining the bible and finding the truth.  We often look at areas where common Christian teaching actually contradicts what is said in the bible.    We feel that in this time, God is calling us to expose Christians to the whole council of the bible without trying to "protect them" from the truth.

 We hope this material can be used as:
  • sound bible teaching to study and watch online
  • bible studies that can be presented by growth groups, life groups, home churches, and bible studies throughout the world
  • material that can be used as a resource to preachers and pastors when preparing messages for their flocks 

We simply request that you leave a comment if this material has helped you.

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Contact us at: unchained.disciples@gmail.com

* Note that because an individual or a website is referenced does not imply agreement with the specific article/page or with the individual's or ministry's beliefs. 

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